About Me

I love being outdoors. When I'm inside I love messing around on Hapioca.


snowboarding, scuba diving, hiking, biking

Places I'd Like to See

New Zealand, South East Asia

On My "50 Things To Do" List

run a marathon, travel South East Asia

My Fav Places

The Caribean, California

My Living Green Tips

Buy reusable shopping bags, walk.

My Fav Organizations

Doctors without Borders, Ronald McDonald House

On My Playlist

Santogold, MGMT

Good Books

A Walk in the Woods

My Fav Movies

The Big Lebowski, Once, Billy Madison


"Nice Marmot."


San Diego, CA

in a relationship

Friends, Networking, Activity Partners

Web Developer

MICDSDenison University

Collin's Friends

Message Board

we will definitely go snowboarding again after a big snow :o) i had so much fun last time!! we'll have to go to the same place so we can use our certificate!
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