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Ashleigh S.
San Francisco CA
4.0 stars
Beautiful Views, 18 Slopes For All Levels
My boyfriend and I went snowboarding at Mt. La Crosse yesterday after the big snowfall the area had the day before. The resort opened earlier (9am - normally not open until 4pm during pre-season) because of the snow, so we had a full day of boarding in fresh powder. It was amazing! The lifts provided beautiful views of the La Crosse area (check out our pictures). We had so much fun!

The chalet is small, but does offer food service, a nice ski shop, rental and repair shop, and an award-winning bar. Mt. La Crosse has 18 slopes and trails, and a terrain park. There was only one chair and rope tow running while we were there, so we only boarded on a couple of different runs. The slopes were in perfect condition most of the day. It got a little icy in spots later in the afternoon with all the people there. All the slopes are serviced by 3 double chairlifts and a tow rope for the bunny hill.

Mt. La Crosse has primarily advanced runs (40%), 30% beginner runs, 20% intermediate runs, and 10% expert runs. 

I would definitely check out Mt. La Crosse if you are in the area. We had a really good time, and the staff was really nice. Lift tickets cost $41 from Open-Close, and $22 from 4pm-9pm (pre-season hours).

*Tips: Call before you go to make sure they are open, or to see if they are opening early because of the snow. We got a great day in yesterday :o)
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